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May 2016
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reviewed: Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie
When I was younger, I went through a phase of reading nothing but Fantasy novels. I devoured them ferociously, Sanderson, Rot...
Sharp Ends - Joe Abercrombie
April 2016
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reviewed: The Buried Giant - Review
“Who knows what will come when quick-tongued men make ancient grievances rhyme with fresh desire for land and conquest?” R...
The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro
April 2016
"The Voynich Manuscript is a 246 page book that is filled with botanical illustrations along with written word that modern ma...
April 2016
text: I'm not dead, I'm reading 'Against the Day'
Greetings! I don't usually make posts unless I've got a book review, however, today I'm making an exception because it's been...
Against the Day - Thomas Pynchon
November 2015
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reviewed: Welcome To Night Vale: A Novel
“A friendly desert community, where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all p...
Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel - Jeffrey Cranor, Joseph Fink
October 2015
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reviewed: Neuromancer - Breaking the ICE.
Neuromancer was the first masterpiece of cyberpunk. It invented the Matrix, and coined the term 'cyberspace'. Unfortunately, ...
Neuromancer - William  Gibson
September 2015
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reviewed: The Vorrh
I must write this review quickly, for I have been to the Vorrh, and my memory fades further each moment since my trek into it...
The Vorrh (Vintage Original) - Brian Catling
August 2015
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reviewed: It
As I sat reading in the park today, basking in the glorious sunshine of one of London’s fabled hot summer days, I suddenly re...
It - Stephen King
July 2015
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