Brandon Sanderson's Legion *very minor spoilers*

Legion - Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is an author who seems always to be waiting somewhere down my to-read list.


This isn't because I put off his books; it's more because he's such an incredibly prolific writer, I could probably spend the next year or so devoted solely to going through his back-catalogue. Whilst this would undoubtedly be a year well spent, I feel the need to spread the love.


That's why it was a pleasure to be able to sneak the novella Legion into a couple of tube journeys on my way to work.


This is the first modern day Sanderson book I've read, and it proves to me that he isn't just a great fantasy author, but a great author in general. 


Legion follows the story of Leeds, a man with a mental illness that manifests itself in the form of hallucinations that only he can see. These hallucinations Leeds calls his 'aspects', and each is a person with specialist skills that Leeds can call upon to help him out. These specialists essentially give Leeds his own mental investigation team.


Sanderson raises some interesting thoughts on the classification of madness, in particular how the perceptions of society shape the difference between classifying someone as 'insane', 'eccentric', 'sane', etc. If Leeds is able to look after himself and is safe to be around, why shouldn't he be considered sane, despite the hallucinations?


Putting issues of sanity aside, the plot of the novel is exciting and inventive, being a great little tale in it's own right, whilst leaving enough mystery and unanswered questions that I hope, nay, DEMAND that a sequel be written.


In your own time though Brandon, please, I need some time to catch up.