Are you feeling Loki, punk?

The Gospel of Loki - Joanne Harris

I'm a big fan of mythology. The ancient Greek, Egyptian and Norse polytheistic religions were abound with fantastic tales concerning the exploits of their pantheons.


With the excellent 'Vikings' TV series on Lovefilm, the fun Marvel 'Thor' films and my recent reading of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods', my enthusiasm for all things Norse Mythological is currently at an all time high! There literally couldn't have been a better time for a book by a renowned author telling the story of one of my favourites, Loki the trickster God, to be released.


Which is why it's so disappointing how average this book was.


I felt that it got off to a good start, being wittily written and well paced. Unfortunately, the book never really moved on to the next level, and ended up being a rather flat retelling of Norse mythological stories.


The characterisation was surprisingly poor for a book about Gods, and whilst I suppose I was mildly amused and entertained throughout, I felt like the story completely failed to get me emotionally invested in any of the events of the book whatsoever.


The book left a bad taste in my mouth by ending terribly with a Ragnarok that utterly fails to tie up any of the plot threads in an interesting or meaningful way, and which ultimately left me feeling underwhelmed.


What have we learned today? Never trust the God of Lies, he'll just take your money and leave you with an average fiction.